January 2023

  • Set a custom organization-wide header for attribution reports
  • Export Ignored issues as CSV
  • --detect-dynamic Supports recursively inspecting binaries for dynamic dependencies (#1143)
  • Improved the output of fossa test (#1135)
  • Added support for Unity companion license and Unity package distribution license (#1136)
  • 1Password integration to FOSSA CLI
  • Added yocto support
  • Full FOSSA CLI Changelog can be found here

December 2022

  • Expanded support for SPDX reports to output JSON
  • Add support for vulnerabilities to CycloneDX reports
  • Ability to filter files being scanned based on file path and extension (#1128)
  • Added support for R via renv package manager
  • Improve detection of dual licenses

November 2022

  • Brand new Issues user experience (See docs) including filters for direct / transitive, ticket vs not ticketed, and by license issue type or vulnerability severity
  • Brad new container scanner, including support for .fossa.yml configuration and path filtering
  • Quick import support for Azure Repos (See docs)
  • Users can generate SBOMs in CycloneDX format
  • Ability to import CycloneDX SBOMs into FOSSA
  • Added generally available support for C/C++ including dependency analysis and vulnerability management
  • Provide support for identifying dynamically linked libraries