Hey! These docs are for version 1.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 3.2!

npm Enterprise

Integrating FOSSA with npm Enterprise

FOSSA integrates directly with NPM Enterprise to enable rich licensing data embedded in your NPM package pages as well as analysis on anything in your private NPM on-site registry.


  1. To install the FOSSA addon into NPM Enterprise, ssh into your NPME instance and run npme addon http://__FOSSA_HOST_AND_PORT__/api/services/npm.

  2. (Optional) If your NPME modules are behind any authentication/config, FOSSA will need a token to access them. To generate a token, run npme manage-tokens generate. This will generate a prompt, follow it like so:

      ? npm username fossabot
	? email address [email protected]
	generated token: deploy_55a20cd1-z225-619d-8e0f-691fa48113cb
Take the `generated token` and save it for the next step.
  1. In FOSSA's config, add the FOSSA's config.env file, add the following lines replacing the relevant values:

    # NPME registry URL including protocol
    # Optional NPM auth token, if you completed step 2. above
  2. Restart FOSSA with fossa restart.

Once fossa is up and running again, you should see a FOSSA plugin on every npme package page.