Fail CI/CD checks

FOSSA has the feature to fail CI/CD checks if issues are detected in your scan. This means your integration will fail whenever we detect an issue. Those can be issues with either licensing, vulnerabilities, or quality. You will find this functionality in your projects settings page under the "Issues" tab:

Then scroll down to this section:

After you have toggled the functionality on, you will be presented with a drop-down to select the appropriate filter for which issues we should be failing your integration. You can read more about saving an issue filter here.

For example, I have an issue filter for "Direct and Not Ticketed" Issues.

With the "Fail CI/CD checks" option toggled on, and this filter was selected, if FOSSA were to detect any licenses that were direct and didn't have a ticket associated with them, then we would fail your integration pipeline. Your team would need to find that issue and either resolve it externally or ignore it so that it no longer gets caught by the filter.