Single Sign On

In addition to the user authentication provided by FOSSA, you can also use single sign on with your corporate identity provider. FOSSA supports login and account provisioning through G Suite (Google Apps); SAML Identity Providers such as Okta, Auth0, and Active Directory Federation Service; or LDAP.


Premium Feature

This feature is available in any upgraded subscription of FOSSA. Contact [email protected] for more details.

By enabling single sign on, you're bypassing FOSSA and authenticating your users externally. Your users will log in to FOSSA differently depending on which identity provider you choose.

  • If you're using G Suite: your users will have to click the "Log in with Google" button on the FOSSA login page.
  • If you're using SAML: your users can enter their email on the FOSSA login page, and they'll be redirected to your identity provider's login page. After authenticating with your identity provider, users will be redirected back to FOSSA. It's also possible for your users to log in directly to FOSSA by clicking a link in your identity provider's portal.
  • If you're using LDAP, FOSSA will provision a subdomain for your Organization at Your users will be able to enter their username and password on this page.

When an account is provisioned through single sign on, then the regular password based login method will be disabled for that user. If you want to add additional users to your organization while maintaining password based login, see Inviting Users. Invited users are able to use both password and single sign on login methods.

Whatโ€™s Next

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