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FOSSA supports Perl projects through cpan.


Repository Scanning

CI/CD Scanning

perl / cpan

cpanfile, Makefile.PL, Build.PL, (MY)META.(yml/json)



Feature in Beta

FOSSA's support for Perl projects is currently in Beta

Repository Scanning

When Perl code is imported, FOSSA will seek and analyze the following files for license and dependency information:

  • cpanfile
  • Makefile.PL
  • Build.PL
  • (MY)META.(yml/json)

Along with parsing these files, FOSSA will run the cpanm command line tool to discover dependencies brought in dynamically by CPAN.

Once dependencies are found, they are resolved against the CPAN ElasticSearch index.

Currently, FOSSA's Repository Scanning infrastructure uses Perl v5.18.2

CI/CD Scanning

CI/CD Scanning currently does not have support for Perl projects.

  1. Comment on this GitHub issue to receive updates on fossa-cli support for Perl/CPAN.

  2. View our docs on adding a new language integration yourself!

Package Data

FOSSA supports any packages available in the CPAN master registry.

Declared licenses in (MY)META.(yml/json) files will be recognized as well as any licenses picked up in a full package-wide code audit.

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