Release Groups

This page describes how to create and edit your organizations release groups.

Release Groups let you bundle multiple projects together so that you can
apply a shared policy and track issues across the entire collection. Each release acts as a snapshot of the included project revisions at that point in time.

This functionality needs to be enabled for your organization. If you would like release groups turned on please reach out to [email protected].

To create a release group from Release Groups Table:

  1. Navigate to Release Groups
  2. Select New Release Group

To create a release group from Projects Table:

  1. Select the projects you want to add

  2. Hit the actions button.

  3. Hit create release group

  4. On the next screen, you will be able to edit the release group's name, release version, as well as add any applicable policies. Note any policy not selected will use the organization default policies for that product type (licensing, security, quality)

    1. Here you can give your RG a:
      • Name
        • Name of your RG
      • Version
        • Version of the first Release in your RG
      • Team
        • Teams you would like to assign your RG to. Note any projects unassigned to the selected team will also be assigned to the Team upon RG creation
          Next, if on an applicable tier, you may assign custom Policies for Licensing, Security, or Quality. Note if no policies are selected the RG will use the organization default policies
  5. Next you can select the Release Group Privacy settings, if applicable, for Public or Private access. Note Free or Business tier users will not see this option as private SBOM portal is an enterprise only option

  6. Please see SBOM Portal and Distribution for additional details

  7. Select your desired projects to include in your release group either

    1. Select each desired project to include in your RG by selecting the Add action next to the desired project. Note these can be any type of project including CLI uploads, Quick import projects, SBOMs, or containers.
    2. You can add projects in bulk by selecting many projects and choosing Actions > add to release group
    3. Once selected you will be prompted to pin a specific branch and revision (project analysis, commit or version) to be included in the first Release.
      1. You will be prompted to select a branch and revision for


Within the action menu there are three options:

  • Add to release group
    • Adds the selected projects to the release group
  • Remove from release groups
    • Removes the selected projects from the release group
  • Set revision to latest
    • Automatically selects the latest revision for each project selected in the release group