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Open source is a critical part of your software. In the average modern software product, over 80% of the source code shipped is derived from open source. Each component can have cascading legal, security, and quality implications for your customers, making it one of the most important things to manage correctly.

FOSSA helps you manage your open source components. We plug into your development workflow to help your team automatically track, manage, and remediate issues with the open source you use to:

  1. Stay compliant with software licenses and generate required attribution documents
  2. Enforce usage and licensing policies throughout your CI/CD workflow
  3. Monitor and remediate security vulnerabilities
  4. Flag code quality issues and outdated components proactively

By enabling open source, we help development teams increase development velocity and decrease risk. In this guide, you'll find everything you need to set up FOSSA for your team.

5-minute Installation

Check out our Installation Guide to get your first project imported, monitored, and compliant in 5 minutes.

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Want to build integrations or products on top of FOSSA? Check out our API & Custom Integrations guide and API Reference.