Automatic Updates & Alerts

You've already gotten pretty far and likely have gotten a basic report up and running. This is a great start, but open source is constantly changing and integrating this process into your continuous workflow is critical for staying on top of issues.

The last step to a production-live process is to ask FOSSA to continuously update your open source inventory and provide feedback to your team using the right channels.

Enable Automated Updates

Via Quick Import

If you used Quick Import to bring in your project, Automated Updates will already be enabled every new version of your code. To check, you can go to Project > Settings > Update Hooks to view the status and frequency of your updates.


If you integrated using the CLI, you will need to configure Automated Updates by installing the CLI and copying configuration into your CI. See relevant documentation below:

Setup Notifications and Feedback

Before you can set up notifications, we recommend you invite your teammates to view and participate in results.

Configuring Basic Notifications

By default, when a user adds a project to FOSSA, they will be automatically subscribed to email notifications for new issues. This behavior can be configured under Project > Settings > Notifications:

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Alternatively you can set up alerts through:

Configuring CI Status

If you've integrated the FOSSA CLI into your CI, you can use it to fail or control your build status based off of FOSSA issue status. Out of the box, FOSSA's CLI will automatically achieve this behavior with the fossa test command.

Documentation for installation and configuration is available for many CI systems under the "Integrations" directory. Once installed, you can configure your pass/fail status directly in the CI or under Account Settings > Organization > Project > General:


Pull Request & Commit Statuses (Github Only)


If your project is a Github Project, you can enable FOSSA to provide Github Status Checks on commits and Pull Requests:

If your project is eligible and NOT already configured, follow the notifications on the Project Summary and Project Settings pages to enable:

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Adding a FOSSA Badge to Documentation / README

Another great way to track and communicate status to your team / users is to enable your FOSSA badge.

You can get the badge code by going to Project > Settings > General:


Congratulations! You've successfully installed FOSSA and are now running a state-of-the-art open source management program.