Import On-Prem / Custom VCS


CLI Suggested

Even if you have high code security requirements, it is extremely unlikely that you'll need a fully on-prem instance to use FOSSA. Installing our CLI does not require giving FOSSA any code access.


Enterprise feature

This is a FOSSA Enterprise feature. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Importing from an on-premise VCS (Bitbucket Server, Gitlab, GHE)

FOSSA can import code from on-premise Version Control System (VCS) providers like Bitbucket Server, on-prem GitLab and more. By choosing this import method, FOSSA can automatically set up deep integrations like webhooks, scheduled updates and publish code/review pull request statuses.

Pick this method if:

  • You want deep integrations with on-premise code host services
  • You want to bulk-audit 100s of repositories that live behind a firewall
  • You are interested in doing a large deployment of FOSSA at an enterprise

Importing from alternative VCSs

Arbitrary VCSs (TFS, SVN or raw code drops with no VCS provider)

If you have an arbitrary location for your code, use Provided Builds and specify a custom revision hash via the --revision flag. Read more.

Alternate remote git repositories

FOSSA can import from any arbitrary git remote in FOSSA Enterprise.

This method automatically enrolls your project in Repository Scanning. Click the link to learn more.

What’s Next

View our on-prem documentation: