Import On-Prem VCS


Enterprise feature

This is a FOSSA Enterprise feature. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Importing from an on-premise VCS (Bitbucket Server, Gitlab, GHE) with FOSSA Broker

FOSSA can import code from on-premise Version Control System (VCS) providers like Bitbucket Server, on-prem GitLab and more. By choosing this import method, FOSSA can automatically set up deep integrations like webhooks, scheduled updates and publish code/review pull request statuses.

Pick this method if:

  • You want deep integrations with on-premise code host services
  • You want to bulk-audit 100s of repositories that live behind a firewall
  • You are interested in doing a large deployment of FOSSA at an enterprise

FOSSA provides a proxy agent called the Broker – providing a bridge between FOSSA and VCS providers behind a firewall.

User Manual for the Broker

What’s Next

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