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Teams (RBAC)

On FOSSA, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is used to manage which projects a user has access to, and what actions they're allowed to perform on those projects. Users can be assigned a role which determines what permissions they have, and added to Teams that determine which Projects they have access to.

Enterprise Feature

This feature is only available in a FOSSA Enterprise subscription. Contact for more details.

On the Users Settings page, you can assign a user one of three roles.



Read-only access to projects that belong to their Teams


Limited to viewing and changing projects that belong to their Teams
Can change project settings
Can rebuild and rescan projects
Can resolve and correct licensing information for dependencies


Full access to all projects in the Organization
Can import new projects
Can create and change licensing policies
Can add and remove users and projects from Teams
Can access and change billing information

By default, new users are created with a role of "Admin".

On the Team Settings page, you can create new Teams, and manage which Users and Projects belong to each Team. Users with a role of "Viewer" or "Editor" must be added to a Team in order to see any Projects on FOSSA.

Auto-Assign Roles with Single Sign On Providers

If you're using Single Sign On then FOSSA's can integrate with your SAML Identity Provider to automatically assign roles to Users and add them to Teams. Please contact support for more information.

Teams (RBAC)

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