License Mis-detection

Rarely you might find a license that is incorrectly identified by FOSSA. We would love to hear about that so that we can fix it right away. Here is what you can do to ensure we fix that in a timely manner.

Write to [email protected] and send us the following information:

  1. The project link where you see the dependency with the incorrect license
  2. The name of the organization that you are working with
  3. The name of the dependency
  4. The license you think is incorrect.
  5. A link to a public web source that shows why you think the license is incorrect.

With that information, the support team will:

  1. Reproduce the incorrect license identification based on the information you provided
  2. If found to be incorrect, the support team will use our Global License Correction tool, which will immediately update the licensing information
  3. Then the support team will alert the analysis team of what caused the issue, and the analysis team will work on a programmatic fix.