Planning Your Upgrade

For compatibility, we recommend that you use helm to deploy, and configure FOSSA services. We highly recommend that you do not upgrade individual services. If you do upgrade individual service, it may cause a performance degradation, or outage at worst.

Recommended way to upgrade

We recommend usage of the helm upgrade command. This way, your upgrade will always have compatible components that make up the FOSSA application.

Helm will do a rolling upgrade, so as long as you’re running more than 1 replica of fossa-core-api, there should generally not be any downtime. You can confirm the number of replica pods running with kubectl -n fossa get deployments.

# Fetch the latest version of our charts
helm repo update

# Upgrade FOSSA service
# We use --reset-values to ensure that you always get the latest defaults
# we have configured.
helm upgrade [-n fossa] DEPLOYMENT_NAME fossa/fossa-core --reset-values -f values.yaml

The default DEPLOYMENT_NAME is fossa, and you can confirm it by running helm ls -A.

If you have questions or are running into any issues, please contact your customer support manager or reach out to us at