IP Space Whitelisting

On premise FOSSA Vulnerability services that require access to our SaaS service for proper functionality will need to have certain IP spaces whitelisted for proper functionality. One or more of the following IP spaces will need to be whitelisted. Which set of IP spaces that need to be whitelisted may vary by service, though it is expected that whitelisting [vulns.fossa.com](http://vulns.fossa.com) will be needed in every case.


The current IP addressed used for vulns.fossa.com are:

The following IP addresses may be used in the future


The IP space for S3 that is used will be based in us-west-2. As of this writing, the IP space is

You can verify that this is is still valid by going to https://ip-ranges.amazonaws.com/ip-ranges.json , and searching for the element within the prefixes array with the region "us-west-2"