Advance Prerequisites



On-Prem Only!

This doc only applies for FOSSA On-Prem Enterprise users. Do not follow this guide if you are using

For most users, on-prem is unnecessary. You can still run FOSSA on local repositories without sending us any private code via our fossa-cli client.

If you're interested in deploying a fully On-Prem appliance, contact [email protected]

On-Prem Prerequisites

  • Linux Box with:
    • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
    • Static IP address (accessible to users in your organization)
    • At least 16 GB RAM
    • At least 80 GB disk
    • Docker 1.3+ (configured to use devicemapper over AUFS), Bash 3.2+, curl & tar
    • Port 80 (or whatever configured) exposed in firewall
  • SMTP server

Prepare the following:

  • External IP (accessible to your users) of the box running FOSSA
  • SMTP server host/port
  • Connection details for additional integrations (see guides for GitHub, Bitbucket, JIRA and more...)

Optional prep

For evaluation purposes, FOSSA will ship with a built-in database. However if you wish to scale your usage, you will need to prepare an external database that matches the following requirements:

  • Postgres 9.3+ on a machine with at least 16 GB RAM, at least 30 GB of storage
  • Postgres host, port, username & password
  • Configured with the FOSSA Postgres extensions specified in the "manual" step of the installation guide
  • Database in Postgres named "fossa" that's accessible to the user

Make sure all of these endpoints are accessible from the machine running FOSSA.

Once ready, contact [email protected] to schedule an installation or ssh into your Ubuntu machine and proceed to install FOSSA.